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Hearing Loss:

This is a problem for almost all of us as we age. There is one treatable cause: wax in the ear canal which we clean out but not with water.

If you don’t have this as a cause of your hearing problem, we do a hearing test. If it’s necessary, we never recommend buying a hearing aid. Rather, we suggest you rent one to see if the aid will even help. The charge is minimal and many people decide they don’t like them.


This is a complicated issue. The hardest part is for you to tell us what exactly you mean by dizziness. Dizziness or vertigo is not a disease. Those are descriptive terms of what is happening to you. The cause should be treated. We never use over the counter meds like Dramamine.

We will do a test for your balance to establish the cause of your dizziness.


This is a subject I studied when I was an N.I.H. fellow and it is extremely challenging both to diagnose and treat. We have a system to do this, but sometimes we can’t get rid of it.

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