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5 Frequent Questions

What causes sinus infections?

By far the number one cause is unrecognized and untreated allergies. To effectively treat allergies, the allergens must be identified and avoided. The next most common cause is smoking. The least recognized causes are snoring and sleep problems.

How do I clean wax out of my ears?

It's harder than it seems. Candling does not work. The cheapest method is to use Glyoxide (usually found in the dental section of your store). It is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and glycerin. Use it once a week.

What is the best nasal spray?

Flonase is not effective for bacterial sinus infections. Saline sprays really help. Afrin for 3-5 days is the best but only for 3 days.

How many days should go by before I need to be treated for a sinus infection?

Generally, the first 5 days are viral and you should use saline and Afrin. After that it most likely is bacterial and needs treatment.

What about ear pain?

If you have severe ear pain, and there is no hearing loss, it is not an ear infection and needs to be evaluated, especially if it is on the left side. That could be referred pain from heart disease.

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