Testimonials about Our Otolaryngologist in the Omaha, NE Area

“Dr. Duff has been a Cooke family physician for 4 generations of our family. He has provided excellent ENT health care when we have been sick and is a very caring physician. He has been a tremendous resource on other health problems & other physician referral on non-ENT medical items. The Cooke family considers Dr. Duff a Doctors Doctor. He has a vast knowledge of so many medical questions that he surprises us with his knowledge and answers.

Dr. Duff is a Doctor who continues to keep up with all medical situations. He is one doctor who did not check out of learning when he left medical school. WE hope to have him as a physician and a resource for many years to come.” – Warren C.

“I went to Dr. Duff for a not normal sinus headache. (My local doctor was treating me for a sinus infection). Based on my symptoms Dr. Duff ordered an MRI. The MRI showed large MS lesions. Dr. Duff got me in to see a neurologist right away. The terrible headache was due to vision problems caused by MS. I got started on the right medicine right away. Since then I’ve seen Dr. Duff for allergy problems that came later on. He got me on allergy shots along with nasal sprays to solve the problem. He always is thorough in this treatment and doesn’t even guess at the problem.

When my son was in grade school he got an ear infection about every 3 months. His local doctor said he needed adenoids and tonsils removed and tubes in his ears. We went to Dr. Duff for a second opinion and found our son did not have an ear infection but rather a severe sinus infection. After getting treated for his sinus infection, the ear pain disappeared and my son never did need to have any surgery.” – Mary S.

“I have been taking my family to Dr. Duff for over 25 years. He has done surgery on my son, and treated the entire family for sinus, allergy, and ear problems. He has taken care of my grandkids as well. He is kind and gentle with the little ones so they aren’t afraid to go to the doctor. He treated my father and recognized the need to have him see a cancer specialist. He is thorough in his exams and quick to refer to the right people if necessary.” Teena K.

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